Spam Poison

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Feeding spammers
since 2003

Hip Hop


We gonna fuck spammers, homie

We gonna fuck spammers, homie

yo, whore, if u wanna shit on spam robots just look at this link. these lames r called spiders, crawlers or other shit like that. if this mothafucka got into ur page is seeking for email addresses.

now u can shit on spammers head


put this link on your page, gangsta, yeah it gonna kick its asses and u can do your freestyle whenever you want:

whore shit! it works homie! : FUCK SPAMMERS CLICK ME


lets try this piece of shit :

<a href=""><img src= "" border="0" width="80" height="15"/></a>


spam lames r hungry, my gangsta, and this link will feed it loads of shit.




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